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Solve for x. x+9=16
a) x=7
b) x=25
c) x=9
d) x=16

Solve for z. 3z=27
a) z=30
b) z=81
c) z=9
d) z=24

Mario is 32 years older than his daughter, Frida. If Frida is 19 how old is Mario?
a) Mario is 32
b) Mario is 19
c) Mario is 51
d) Mario is 13

Sheila has a box of crayons. She equally divided them between 5 friends. Each friend got 16 crayons. How many crayons did she have?
a) 16 crayons
b) 80 crayons
c) 11 crayons
d) 85 crayons

Solve for x. x-3=8
a) x= 8
b) x= 24
c) x= 3
d) x= 11

Solve for a. a+17= 46
a) a= 29
b) a= 39
c) a= 53
d) a= 63

In nine years, Sallie will be 14 years old. How old is Sallie now?
a) 4
b) 5
c) 9
d) 23

Solve for x. 2x= 24
a) x= 24
b) x= 4
c) x= 22
d) x= 48

Solve for d. d/6= 21
a) d= 3.5
b) d= 15
c) d= 27
d) d= 126

Four tickets to the Air and Space Museum cost $56. How much did each ticket cost?
a) $12
b) $11.50
c) $14
d) $13

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