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Which branch creates laws for the nation?
a) Legislatiave Branch
b) Executive Branch
c) Judicial Branch
d) Congress

The three branches of the U.S. government are set up by all of the following articles EXCEPT
a) I
b) II
c) III
d) IV

The President is the chief executive officer of which branch?
a) Legislative
b) Judicial
c) Executive
d) Supreme Court

All of the following are branches of the U.S. Government except
a) Legislative
b) Federal
c) Executive
d) Judicial

This branch consists of federal courts
a) Judicial
b) Supreme Courts
c) Legislative
d) Executive

Having three branches of government with their own power reflects which of the following
a) separation of power
b) federalism
c) checks and balances
d) judicial review

Each branch can limit the power of the other two brances is known as
a) separation of power
b) federalism
c) checks and balances
d) lobbying

The powers of each branch of government are found in the
a) Declaration of Independence
b) U.S. Constitution
c) Federal laws
d) Articles of Confederation

The Supreme Court is a part of which branch?
a) Judicial
b) Executive
c) Legislative
d) Federal

All of the following are part of the Legislative branch except
a) Congress
b) House of Representatives
c) Senate
d) cabinet officers

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