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What was the Scopes trial about?
a) A harassment case that led to women's rights
b) Teaching evolution in public schools
c) Fighting for a 40 hour work week
d) The murder of a young African American boy

Where does the U.S. rank as far as economic size (GDP)?
a) Far behind countries like China and Japan
b) Roughly tied for the largest GDP in the world compared to any other country
c) The U.S. is maintaining a slight lead on other countries
d) Easily the highest GDP of any individual country in the world

Who were Sacco and Vanzetti?
a) Italian artists who became famous for their clay sculptures
b) Teachers who served time in jail after being accused of being communist
c) Led a group of Italians on a battle for non-discrimination and equal rights
d) Italian anarchists who were falsely accused of a deadly robbery and executed

Which of the following is NOT a contributing factor to the current extreme unequal distribution of wealth between Blacks and Whites?
a) African Americans had to face a discriminatory world with practically zero wealth
b) Poorer neighborhoods lead to poorer schools which leads to less opportunity
c) The African American culture values family relationships over creating wealth
d) Racism made it very difficult to own homes in good neighborhoods

Where does the U.S. currently rank as far as education goes?
a) The U.S. continues to lead in reading and math, but is behind several other countries in science
b) The U.S. is behind countries leading in education such as, Finland, China, and South Korea.
c) The U.S. ranks 3rd in reading, 5th in math, and 7th in science.
d) The U.S. lags far behind even poor countries like Swaziland

Which of the following is NOT a contributing factor of the Great Depression?
a) Many people purchased goods using credit, which
b) The U.S. economy suffered from debts racked up during World War I
c) The stock market crashed when investors stopped buying overpriced stocks
d) An extremely unequal distribution of wealth meant there was a small middle class

What is our current unemployment rate?
a) about 8.3%
b) About 14%
c) About 4.5%
d) About 25%

What was the New Deal?
a) A series of programs put forth by FDR in an attempt to recover from the Great Depression
b) The slogan Henry Ford adopted for selling his cars
c) A rock song made popular by Chuck Berry, but originally written by Muddy Waters
d) The name given to the way Woodrow Wilson dealt with big business

Which one of these is NOT a factor that led to the growth of the suburbs in America?
a) The rapid growth in population led to the need for bigger houses
b) The end of WWII brought millions of soldiers home to be with their wives and build families
c) The booming economy calmed the fears of growing a family held during the Great Depression
d) People contracted illnesses from living so close together so they had to move farther apart

What affect did the baby boom have on the economy?
a) The U.S. was unable to meet the demand of such a large bubble in the population
b) The economy suffered because the baby boomers did not create new jobs
c) Businesses adapted to the changing demands of the growing baby boomers
d) The baby boomers helped the economy through advertising

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