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Which enzymes are needed to produce recombinant plasmids that are used in gene transfer?
a) DNA polymerase and ligase
b) DNA polymerase and restriction enzymes
c) Restriction enzymes and ligase
d) Helicase and restriction enzymes

What constitutes a linkage group?
a) Genes carried on the same chromosome
b) Genes whose loci are on different autosomes
c) Genes controlling a polygenic characteristic
d) Alleles for the inheritance of ABO blood groups

A cell with a diploid number of 12 chromosomes undergoes meiosis. What will be the product at the end of meiosis?
a) 2 cells each with 12 chromosomes
b) 4 cells each with 6 chromosomes
c) 2 cells each with 6 chromosomes
d) 4 cells each with 12 chromosomes

A parent organism of unknown genotype is mated in a test cross. Half of the offspring have the same phenotype as the parent. What can be concluded from this result?
a) The parent is heterozygous for the trait.
b) The trait being inherited is polygenic.
c) The parent is homozygous dominant for the trait.
d) The parent is homozygous recessive for the trait.

Which process results in the greatest genetic variation in a population?
a) meiosis
b) mitosis
c) cytokinesis
d) natural selection

A cross is performed between two organisms with the genotypes AaBb and aabb. What genotypes in the offspring are the result of recombination?
a) Aabb, AaBb
b) AaBb, aabb
c) aabb, Aabb
d) Aabb, aaBb

What is a difference between autosomes and sex chromosomes?
a) Autosomes are not found in gametes but sex chromosomes are.
b) Sex chromosomes are found in animal cells and autosomes are found in plant cells.
c) Autosomes are diploid and sex chromosomes are haploid.
d) Sex chromosomes determine gender and autosomes do not.

If red (RR) is crossed with white (rr) and produces a pink flower (Rr), and tall (D) is dominant to dwarf (d), what is the phenotypic ratio from a cross of Rr dd and rr Dd?
a) 9:3:3:1
b) 50% pink, 50% white and all tall
c) 1:1:1:1, in which 50% are tall, 50% dwarf, 50% pink and 50% white
d) 3:1

What is a possible consequence of two base substitution mutations occurring in the same gene?
a) Two amino acids coded for the gene are changed.
b) Amino acids in two polypeptides coded for the gene are changed.
c) All of the codons between the two mutations are changed.
d) All of the codons from the first mutation onward are changed.

If a person inherited an allele with the same base substitution mutation from both parents, what sequences could be altered from normal in the person's cells?
a) One mRNA base sequence only
b) Two mRNA base sequences only
c) One mRNA base sequence and one polypeptide amino acid sequence only
d) Two mRNA base sequences and two polypeptide amino acid sequences only

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