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What is essential for diffusion?
a) A concentration gradient
b) A selectively permeable membrane
c) A source of energy
d) A protein

Which of the following is a characteristic of organelles?
a) They are only found in euyarkyotic cells
b) They are only found in prokaryotic cells
c) They are sub-cellular structures
d) They are all membrane bound

If a red blood cell has a diameter of 8 um and a student shows it with a diameter of 40 mm in a drawing, what is the magnification of the drawing?
a) X 0.0002
b) X 0.2
c) X 5
d) X 5000

What is facilitated diffusion?
a) The passive movement of a particle through the phospholipid bilayer of the cell membrane.
b) The passive movement of a particle across a cell membrane via a channel protein.
c) The movement of a particle down a concentration gradient helped by active pumping.
d) The movement of a particle up a concentration gradient helped by active pumping.

Which of the following is required for osmosis to occur?
a) An enzyme
b) A fully permeable membrane
c) ATP
d) A solute concentration gradient

Colchicine is a chemical substance that prevents the formation of microtubules. What stage of mitosis would be prevented, if dividing cells were treated with colchicine?
a) Breaking down of the nuclear membrane
b) Replication of DNA
c) Separation of gentically identical chromosomes (chromatids)
d) Supercoiling of chromosomes

What two molecules are the principal components of membranes?
a) glycogen and protein
b) lipid and glycogen
c) cellulose and protein
d) protein and lipid

The widtch of a human hair is 0.1 mm. What is the width in um?
a) 10 um
b) 100 um
c) 1000 um
d) 10,000 um

If a cell plate is beginning to form and nuclei are re-forming at opposite ends of a cell, what kind of cell is this?
a) An animal cell in prophase
b) A plant cell in prophase
c) An animal cell in telophase
d) A plant cell in telophase

What ratio limits the size of cells?
a) The rate of metabolism to mass
b) The surface area to volume
c) The mass to volume
d) The surface area to mass

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