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What statement can be made about members of the same order?
a) They all belong to the same genus.
b) They all belong to the same class.
c) They all belong to the same family.
d) They can all interbreed successfully.

The scientific names of two organisms are "Lathyrus palustris" and "Angelica palustris". What is the relationship between these organisms?
a) They both belong to the same genus but they are different species
b) They both belong to the same species but different genera
c) They are both different species and different genera
d) They both belong to the same species and the same genus

Classification in biology involves putting organisms that share characteristics together in groups. In which type of group do the organisms share the MOST characteristics?
a) Class
b) Family
c) Genus
d) Order

What is natural selection?
a) The mechanism that increases the chance of certain individuals reproducing.
b) The mechanism that leads to increasing variation within a population.
c) The cumulative change in the heritable characteristics of a population.
d) The mechanism that explains why populations produce more offspring than the environment can support.

Why has evolution resulted in antibiotic resistance in bacteria?
a) Not completing a course of antibiotics allows resistant bacteria to develop.
b) Bacteria resistant to the antibiotic survive to pass on this characteristic to their offspring.
c) Bacteria change their metabolism to cope with the presence of antibiotics.
d) Bacteria have learnt how to neutralize effects of antibiotics and pass that onto their offsprings

According to Darwin's theory of evolution, what causes the struggle for survival in populations?
a) Overproduction of offspring
b) Favorable heritable variations
c) Natural selection
d) Competition between the fittest individuals in the population

Which process has the GREATEST effect in determining which members of a population are most likely to survive until reproductive age?
a) evolution
b) natural selection
c) meiosis
d) hybridization

What term refers to a community and its abiotic environment?
a) biosphere
b) ecosystem
c) habitat
d) niche

Which organisms externally digest dead organic matter and then absorb the nutrients?
a) autotrophs
b) detritivores
c) heterotrophs
d) saprotrophs

Which of the following statements correctly describes the carrying capacity of an environment?
a) The maximum rate of population growth for a species.
b) The area of land that can support a defined population of a species.
c) The maximum population of a species that can be sustainably supported by a given environment.
d) The maximum population of a species that can be sustainably supported by a given environment.

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