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The system unit is?
a) A boxlike case that houses the electronic components a computer uses to process data.
b) A boxlike case that provides shelter for the chip.
c) A boxlike case that provides information for people to live in.
d) A boxlike that is like a box.

Most computers are known as
a) Digimon
b) Pokemon
c) Digital
d) Digital Dragon Ball Z

What represents the smallest unit of data that a computer can handle?
a) Bites
b) Byte
c) Bitten
d) Bitter

What part of the computer interprets and carries out the basic instructions that operate a computer.
a) Chip
b) Chipp and Dale
c) Central Processing Unit (CPU)
d) Computer processing units

Entering data, programs, commands, and user responses into memory is known as
a) Output
b) Input
c) Data
d) Program

An output device is?
a) Any computer component capable of conveying information to a user.
b) Any device that is capable of doing work
c) Anything related to technology
d) Anything related to typing and eating.

A group of switches resembling the keys ona typewriter that allows users to enter input is called?
a) Keyboards
b) Car key
c) Light switches
d) Typewriter switch

An input device that allows you to control the movement of the pointer on the screen and to make selections from the screen is also known as?
a) Pointing device
b) Clicking device
c) User response
d) Trackball

A_______is a stationary pointing device with a ball mechanism on its top.
a) Ball Point Pen
b) Track ball
c) Mouse
d) Techzoometeoroloy

Computers use_____to store data
a) Computer chip cells
b) Cells
c) Memory
d) Short term memory

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