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Which would be an adaptation of xerophytes?
a) Large air spaces
b) Large numbers of stomata
c) Hairs on the leaves
d) Reduced roots

Which is a characteristic of xerophytes?
a) Absence of roots
b) Absence of vascular tissue
c) Leaves with a very small surface area
d) Large number of stomata

What causes movement of water through xylem?
a) Active transport in the root tissue
b) Evaporatoin of water from leaves
c) Active translocation
d) Gravity

When a farmer sprays a chemical on crop plants, how does the chemical travel to the roots of the plants?
a) In the phloem, by active translocation
b) In teh phloem, by transpiration pull
c) In the xylem, by transpiration pull
d) In the xylem, by active translocation

Fertilization, pollination and seed dispersal all occur during the reproduction of a flowering plant. In what sequence do these processes occur?
a) seed dispersal, pollination, fertilization
b) fertilization, pollination, seed dispersal
c) pollination, fertilization, seed dispersal
d) seed dispersal, fertilization, pollination

Which of the following is a CORRECT comparison of the bryophytes and the filicinophytes?
a) Bryophytes have true leaves, while filicinophytes have scales
b) Bryophytes have rhizoids, while filicinophytes have roots
c) Bryophytes have waxy cuticles, while filicinophytes do not have waxy cuticles
d) Bryophytes have woody tissue, while filicinophytes do not have woody tissue

What conditions will cause the highest rate of transpiration in a well-watered, mesophytic plant?
a) Hot, humid with bright sunshine and still air
b) Low humidity, hot, bright sunshine and windy
c) Windy, hot, cloudy and humid
d) Windy, bright sunshine, humid and cool

In what direction does the phloem transport materials?
a) Up the plant at night and down the plant during the day
b) Up and down the plant all the time
c) Up the plant only
d) Down the plant only

What treatment is most likely to lead to germination?
a) Soaking the seeds in a solution of gibberellins
b) Increasing CO2 concentration
c) Increasing light intensity
d) Dehydrating the seeds

In flowering plants, which of the following helps seed dispersal?
a) bees
b) pollen
c) mammals
d) germination

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