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How do the levels of oxytocin and progesterone change immediately prior to birth?
a) Both decrease.
b) Oxytocin increases and progesterone decreases.
c) Both increase.
d) Oxytocin decreases and progesterone increases.

What is the outcome for spermatogenesis and oogenesis?
a) Spermatogenesis and oogenesis both create 4 gametes.
b) Spermatogenesis creates 4 gametes while oogenesis creates 1 gamete and 3 polar bodies.
c) Spermatogenesis and oogenesis both create 2 gametes and 2 polar bodies.
d) Spermatogenesis creates 1 gamete and 3 polar bodies while oogenesis creates 4 gametes.

What is the function of Sertoli cells?
a) They nourish sperm.
b) They produce testosterone.
c) They nourish interstitial cells.
d) They form the basement membrane.

Where is human chorionic gonadotrophin (HCG) produced?
a) ovary
b) anterior pituitary
c) embryo
d) posterior pituitary

Where does human fertilization most frequently occur?
a) ovary
b) oviduct
c) uterus
d) vagina

What happens to the polar bodies formed during oogenesis?
a) They cause the acrosome reaction.
b) They cause the cortical reaction.
c) They pull chromosomes to the end of the cell when the zygote divides.
d) They are not used and break down.

How can testis tissue be distinguished from ovary tissue, when seen using a light microscope?
a) Testis tissue has a layer of muscle fibers and ovary tissue does not.
b) Testis tissue is cooler than ovary tissue.
c) Testis tissue contains tubules and ovary tissue does not.
d) Testis tissue contains pain receptors and ovary tissue does not.

In the menstrual cycle in humans, which hormone causes the wall of the follicle to develop after ovulation and to secrete more progesterone?
a) estrogen
b) FSH
c) LH
d) oxytocin

Which hormones cause the wall of the follicle to develop after ovulation and to secrete more progesterone?
a) FSH and LH
b) LH and HCG
c) HCG and oxytocin
d) oxytocin and FSH

What part of spermatogenesis in humans takes place while spermatids are associated with Sertoli cells?
a) cell differentiation
b) first division of meiosis
c) second division of meiosis
d) testosterone production

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