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Why was Charles Town moved from its original location?
a) They were experiencing extremely harsh winters.
b) They were constantly under attack from the Natives.
c) The town was growing the layout was poorly set up for expansion.
d) The natural resources were diminishing too quickly.

Where was the initial settlement of Charles Town (SC) located?
a) Port Royal
b) Albemarle Point
c) Oyster Point
d) Afton Point

Which region was settled as a haven for religious groups persecuted in England?
a) Southern
b) New England
c) Middle
d) Mid-western

What did the Mayflower Compact signify or represent?
a) It celebrated Thomas Hobbes' idea of the state of nature.
b) It altered John Locke's view of the social contract.
c) The idea that people form the government.
d) It signified the end of the colony's ties to England.

Who authored the Fundamental Constitutions of Carolina?
a) John Locke and Edward Hyde
b) John Colleton and John Locke
c) John Locke and Lord Ashley Cooper
d) John Berkeley and John Locke

What did the headright system promote the growth of?
a) large plantations
b) disagreements amongst native tribes
c) emergence of large numbers of indentured servants.
d) growth of English colonies around the world.

What made Virginia a successful colony
a) They established a representative government.
b) The emergence of tobacco as their first cash crop.
c) The settlement received a lot of assistance from local natives.
d) The London Company supported them with a lot of money.

What other country sent English citizens to settle Carolina?
a) Scotland
b) Ireland
c) Wales
d) Barbados

What name was given to the supporters of the king that received a grant for Carolina?
a) Lords Proprietors
b) Lords Proper
c) King's Men
d) Royal Company

Which King granted a charter to eight supporters for a land they named Carolina?
a) Charles I
b) James I
c) Charles II
d) Henry VIII

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