Chapter 4 Test Question Preview (ID: 938)

Tina Hwang ED 105 Chapter 4 Test. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

What is hard copy?
a) Printed information
b) information that displays on a computer monitor
c) information recorded on a floppy disk
d) information recorded on a compact disc-rewritable

What is fetching?
a) the process of writing a certain result to memory
b) the process of obtaining a program instruction or data item from memory
c) the process of translating an instruction into commands a computer can understand
d) the process of carrying out commands

What is the binary system?
a) the system of suing coding schemes to represent data on a personal computer
b) the system of grouping bits together into bytes
c) a numbering system that has just two unique number digits, 0 and 1
d) a numbering system based on 10

What does the term
a) binary digit
b) byte digit
c) binary byte
d) backup digit

What purpose does a mouse serve?
a) It serves as an input device.
b) It controls the movement of the pointer on the screen.
c) It is used to make selections from the screen.
d) All of the above

What term describes an opening where a circuit board can be inserted into a computer's motherboard?
a) expansion slot
b) motherboard extender
c) dual inline memory module
d) adapter slot

Which component of the CPU performs the execution part of the machine cycle?
a) the control unit
b) the executor unit
c) the arithmetic/logic unit
d) the system clock

Which is a type of nonimpact printer?
a) ink-jet printer
b) multifunctional printer
c) dot-pitch printer
d) none of the above

What term describes eight bits grouped together as a unit?
a) a binary digit
b) a byte
c) a bit unit
d) an ASCII code

What makes up the core of most monitors?
a) a cathode ray tube
b) a display device
c) soft copy
d) a pixel

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