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This is anything that has to do with the management of money.
a) Credit
b) Lendor
c) Consumer
d) Finance

Tuition is:
a) The total cost of attending college
b) The cost of books
c) The cost of attending classes
d) The cost of living on a college campus

Which of the following is not a form of loan?
a) Debit Card
b) Credit Card
c) Mortgage
d) Car loan

Which of the following is a reason people store money in banks?
a) Earn interest on money
b) Easy access to cash through the use of a Debit card
c) Security
d) All of the above

How do banks make a profit?
a) Banks charge clients interest to store money
b) Banks charge interest on loans they provide clients
c) Charge interest on purchases made with debit cards
d) None of the above

Inflation is:
a) Increase in the value of money
b) Decrease in the value of money
c) Increase in prices and decrease in purchasing value of money
d) Decrease in prices and increase in purchasing value of money

A creditor's analysis of the ability of an individual to repay a loan. This defines:
a) Creditworthiness
b) Bankruptcy
c) Capital
d) Collateral

Legal process in which a person can not pay debts, resulting in the liquidation of assets and proceeds sold to creditors. This defines:
a) Creditworthiness
b) Bankruptcy
c) Collateral
d) Finance

The money, property, or other valuables which together represent the wealth of a business or individual. This is the definition for:
a) Creditworthiness
b) Capital
c) Collateral
d) Interest

Assets pledged by a borrower to secure a loan which are then subject to seizure if the loan is not repaid. This defines:
a) Capital
b) Capacity
c) Loan Amount
d) Collateral

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