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What did nearly all Native Americans believe in?
a) their chief
b) the gods
c) an afterlife
d) their animal representative

What type of housing did the Cherokee build?
a) wigwams
b) square or rectangular houses
c) teepees
d) huts

Which tribe currently has a reservation in South Carolina?
a) Cheraw
b) Catawba
c) Santee
d) Peedee

Which colony was the original home of the Yemassee?
a) Maryland
b) Virginia
c) Pennsylvania
d) Spanish Florida

What language was spoken by the Cherokee?
a) Iroquoian
b) Siouan
c) Algonquian
d) Muskhogean

What caused the death of many Natives during the colonial period?
a) Tribal wars
b) Malnutrition
c) Extreme winter weather
d) Exposure to European diseases

Which of the following were known as the 'three sisters?'
a) beans, squash, tobacco
b) corn, beans and squash
c) pumpkins, corn and tomatoes
d) tomatoes, corn and squash

Which of the following was not used by Native Americans for hunting, farming or clothing?
a) Rocks
b) Animal pelts
c) mud
d) wood

Eastern Woodland natives were able to settle into more permanent villages than their nomadic ancestors because they ________________.
a) Formed alliances with smaller groups
b) developed skills to build permanent homes
c) were able to more efficiently hunt together
d) developed farming

In which regions did the natives who migrated to South Carolina live?
a) Coastal Plain and Piedmont
b) Coastal Zone and Blue Ridge
c) Sandhills and Coastal Plain
d) Blue Ridge and Sandhills

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