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If Maria makes $1,200 on her paycheck and worked 60 hours during this specific pay period, what is her hourly rate of pay?
a) $10/hour
b) $20/hour
c) $40/hour
d) None of the above

If jim has an annual salary of $52,000 and he is paid every two weeks, what will his gross income be on each paycheck?
a) $1,000
b) $1,200
c) $2,000
d) $2,200

If Anthony has a gross income of $450.00 and a taxable income of $335.00, how much does he pay in pre-tax deductions?
a) $565
b) $115
c) $785
d) None of the above

Pay period refers to:
a) How long you have to make a payment on a credit card
b) The amount of time you have to file and pay your taxes
c) The time of day in which your money is direct deposited into your banking account
d) A recurring length of time over which employee time is recorded and paid

Nick has a gross pay of $673.00 every pay period. After all deductions are taken out Nick's net pay is $337.00. What percentage of his gross pay does Nick get in his net pay?
a) 5 percent
b) 40 percent
c) 50 percent
d) 15 percent

Lewis has a gross pay of $1,900, a net pay of $1,250, and he pays 160.00 in pre-tax deductions. How much does Lewis pay in taxes each paycheck?
a) $490
b) $1,410
c) $650
d) $1,740

How do you calculate taxable gross?
a) subtract taxes paid and deductions from Gross Income.
b) Add taxes paid and deductions to your Net Income
c) Subtract pre-tax deductions from gross income
d) Subtract pre-tax deductions from net income

Mark and liz both make $500.00 a paycheck. They each have the same retirement plan but Liz has medical insurance and mark does not. Which person pays more in taxes?
a) Liz
b) Mark
c) They pay the same amount of taxes
d) Neither one has to pay taxes

Laura has a net pay of $537.00 each paycheck. She pays $142.00 in pre-tax deductions and taxes each paycheck. What is Laura's gross income?
a) $395.00
b) $37.80
c) $67.90
d) $679.00

What must you subtract from your gross income to figure out your taxable gross?
a) Total taxes
b) Net pay
c) Taxable gross
d) Pre-tax deductions

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