Word Project 6 B Question Preview (ID: 937)

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A document’s _____________ determine the amount of white space around the text.
a) Margins
b) Line Spacing

_____________ alignment controls how text aligns between the top and bottom margins.
a) Horizontal
b) Vertical

A _____________is the last line of a paragraph that appears by itself at the top of a page.
a) Widow
b) Orphan

Which view do you have to be in to use the ruler to change the margins?
a) Normal
b) Print Layout
c) Outline
d) Web Layout

Which of the following is not a vertical alignment option?
a) Top
b) Center
c) Justify
d) End

Which menu allows you to control widows and orphans?
a) Edit
b) View
c) Format
d) Tools

Which menu allows you to access headers and footers in a document?
a) Edit
b) View
c) Format
d) Tools

Where is the Browse Object button located?
a) Below the Vertical scrollbar
b) Right of the Horizontal scrollbar
c) Menu bar
d) Standard toolbar

Which of the following features displays a window that lists the structure of headings in a document?
a) Outline Map
b) Page Map
c) Navigation Map
d) Document Map

Which of the following contains standard data in the top margin of most document pages?
a) Header
b) Title
c) Footer
d) Leader

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