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What was the name given to the northern immigrants who sought to profit from the South's devastation?
a) scalawags
b) carpetbaggers
c) redeemers
d) leeches

What did SC's legislature do when Congress was not in session following the war?
a) Nothing
b) They removed Confederates from office.
c) They passed Black Codes placing restrictions on the freedmen.
d) They approved the 14th amendment to the Constitution.

What did President Andrew Johnson require of southern elite as a means of humiliating them following the war?
a) That they request pardons and ratify the 13th amendment.
b) That they request pardons.
c) That they ratify the 13th amendment.
d) That they publicly apologize to the freedmen.

What did the reconstruction plans of both the President and Congress not intend to do for the southern states?
a) Reestablish political connections to the federal government.
b) Transform the social policies of the south.
c) Restore the good will between the races.
d) Rebuild towns, factories, farms or transporation systems.

Which military district was SC located in under Congress' Reconstruction plan?
a) third
b) fifth
c) second
d) first

What did freedmen get in exchange for their labor on the land of their former masters?
a) a share of the crop
b) tools
c) nothing
d) money

How did many plantation owners react when their former slaves left the plantations?
a) They celebrated their departure.
b) They were surprised that those whom they had treated so well would leave them.
c) They tried to force their return.
d) They did nothing.

According to Lincoln's reconstruction plan, what portion of the population needed to swear allegiance to the Union before southern states could reconstitute their government?
a) 25
b) 30
c) 10
d) 50

Why was the Radical Republican's reconstruction plan so harsh?
a) They wanted to punish the Southern states and make it difficult for them to reenter the Union.
b) They blamed Southerners for the death of Abraham Lincoln.
c) They wanted southern states to realize that the power was in the North.
d) They simply wanted to punish the South for starting the war.

Which group made up the population majority at the time of the 1868 SC Constitutional Convention.
a) carpetbaggers
b) Northerners
c) scalawags
d) African Americans

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