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Today, I haven't had enough time to .....
a) practise the piano
b) practised the piano
c) played the piano
d) playing the piano

He prefers letters to e-mails because he likes .....
a) playing the guitar
b) going out
c) playing sport
d) collecting stamps

You should study for your exams. You ..... for five hours.
a) have surfed the net
b) are surfing the net
c) have readed magazines
d) has read magazines

She spent 10 dollars at the newsagent's because she loves .....
a) going out
b) meet with friends
c) read magazines
d) reading magazines

If you give him a games console for his birthday, he will be disappointed. He hates .....
a) play video games
b) attend concerts
c) meeting with friends
d) playing video games

Look! I've got tickets for your favourite band. I know you have always loved .....
a) attending concerts
b) attend concerts
c) assist concerts
d) assisting concerts

What are you doing this afternoon? I am .....
a) meeting friends
b) go out
c) go shopping
d) play sport

What does she do at weekends? She often ..... with her friends
a) going out
b) goes out
c) go out
d) have gone out

It's sales time. If you ..... , you will have to stand at the queue.
a) go shopping
b) going shopping
c) are go shopping
d) will go shopping

Will they join the basketball team? I don't think so. They don't like .....
a) playing sport
b) play sport
c) going shopping
d) go shopping

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