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What do we call the method we use to name, group and organize things in our world?
a) dividing
b) Classification
c) developing
d) seperation

The classification of all living things (organisms)
a) Taxonomy
b) sorting
c) renaming
d) dividing

Who was the name of the man that developed the seven groups of Classification?
a) Charles Schultz
b) King Phillips
c) Carl Linneous
d) Dr. Aristotle

Why is it important to classify things?
a) So that we can make sense of all of the things in our world
b) It sounds like a good idea
c) It is general
d) It is a scientific law

How many groups are there in the classification system we have learned about?
a) 17
b) 5
c) 7
d) 52

What is the correct order of the seven groups of Classification?
a) Kingdom, Class, Genus, Phylum Species, Family, Order
b) Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family Genus Species
c) Kingdom, Species, Family, Phylum, Class, Order, Genus
d) Kingdom, Species, Genus, Phylum, class, order, Family

The system of classification works in what order?
a) smallest to biggest
b) does not matter how they are grouped
c) general to very specific and exact
d) all the same colors together

What do we call the group made up of all of the same organisms?
a) species
b) names
c) plants or animals
d) Kingdom

What are we as humans called in this two name grouping of classification?
a) Genus Species
b) Homo Sapiens
c) phylum mammals
d) Human beings

What does the word Homo Sapien mean?
a) Cool people
b) Same people
c) Wise man
d) human body

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