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Which of the following describes a social change occurring in the world of work?
a) Fewer Hispanics and Asian workers are joining the workforce
b) Companies are discouraging workers from team-building
c) Fewer people are retiring
d) Fewer women are leaving the workforce

When businesses hire workers in several countries to make products, those businesses are contributing to:
a) the global economy
b) the environment
c) your household
d) Wal-mart

Activities people are paid to do for others are?
a) Teams
b) Global economy
c) Services
d) E-commerce

A career is:
a) A series of jobs in the same area of interest
b) What people do to earn money
c) Work done for free
d) Singing on American Idol

Americans spend 50% of the money they earn in three areas:
a) clothes, entertainment, food
b) food, transportation, and shelter
c) transportation, popcorn, and taxes
d) taxes, shopping, cars

What are goods?
a) Free stuff
b) Items that cause you to be happy
c) Items that people buy
d) Items that are not bad

Using communication technology in order to work from home for a company is called?
a) cell phone
b) internet
c) computer
d) telecommuting

The workplace is:
a) Where you meet new friends and hangout
b) An environment in which jobs are done
c) A place to socialize and eat healthy snacks
d) An environment in which you get to relax and sleep

A lifestyle is
a) The way in which a person uses his or her time, energy, and money
b) The style of life
c) The rich and famous
d) The way in which a person dances, sings, or rhymes

What is the buying and selling of goods and services?
a) labor force
b) job market
c) e-commerce
d) economy

A trend is?
a) a group of people who work together
b) a change of period over time
c) a work schedule
d) using outside resources to do tasks

What is an economy?
a) The way people make, buy and sell goods and services
b) The way people find jobs on the internet
c) The way farmers sell crops to supermarkets
d) The way supermarkets price food

The global economy affects what?
a) Jobs and the job market
b) Your ability to pay bills
c) How and where potatoes are grown
d) Where sugar comes from

What percentage is spent on Transportation by Americans?
a) 8.8%
b) 4.9%
c) 19.5%
d) 13.6%

Which of the following is considered a career?
a) Game show host
b) Lion tamer
c) Doctor
d) Waitress

What is the definition of work?
a) What people do to earn money
b) A set of related skills to get money
c) Filing papers in an office
d) How you get paid on the job

Name the two most common reasons why people work.
a) To buy a car and gas
b) To eat at expensive restaurants and roller skating
c) To go on dates and buy shoes
d) To earn money and help others

Three changes that will affect future careers are?
a) legal, technological, ethical
b) global, technological, social
c) economic, social, global
d) global, social, typical

How many hours are spent working on a full-time job every week?
a) 35
b) 45
c) 40
d) 50

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