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What are your interests?
a) What you believe is important
b) Your favorite activities
c) Skills you have developed
d) Things you learn at school

What is a skill?
a) An ability to perform a task due to training and experience
b) Your potential for learning
c) The beliefs you live by
d) Something you learned in kindergarten

Your values are:
a) Your favorite activities
b) A checklist that points to your strongest interests
c) What you believe is important
d) Your favorite things to do in the summer

Which of these are considered transferable skills?
a) Listening and Decision-making
b) Cooking and Knitting
c) Typing and Problem-solving
d) Writing and Cake Decorating

Your personality is?
a) The way you feel about something
b) The way you talk to your peers
c) The sum of your feelings, actions, habits, and thoughts
d) How you feel about life

If you learn best by working alone, your learning styles is?
a) Naturalistic
b) Visual
c) Interpersonal
d) Intrapersonal

If you learn best by making categories and working with patterns, your learning style is?
a) Verbal
b) Musical
c) Logical
d) Naturalistic

Where do values come from?
a) Internet
b) Family and teachers
c) Textbook
d) You have them when you are born

Which value means overcoming fears to face problems?
a) Recognition
b) Courage
c) Responsibility
d) Relationships

What are two things you should consider about yourself when investigating careers?
a) technology and people
b) teamwork and homework
c) personality and skills
d) interests and values

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