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Which of the following is NOT one of the factors that help make up your credit history?
a) Payment history
b) Length of credit history
c) level of education completed
d) Amount you owe

A.P.R. stands for:
a) Annual Percentage Rate
b) None of the above
c) Annual Payment Rate
d) Actual Percentage Rate

Which is NOT one of the five C's of credit:
a) Collateral
b) Conditions
c) Capital
d) Capability

Who decides your credit score?
a) Banks
b) Independent companies
c) The local Police Department
d) The federal Government

A persons credit score can fall anywhere in between what two numbers?
a) 100-200
b) 500-1,000
c) 600-700
d) 300-850

Which of these is a negative consequence of a poor credit score?
a) High A.P.R on credit cards
b) lower credit limit
c) Difficulty gaining employment
d) All of the above

A credit limit is the:
a) Maximum amount of money a credit card holder is allowed to borrow using a specific credit card.
b) The risk that a borrower may not repay a loan on time.
c) The limit that is put on the amount of credit cards a person can own
d) None of the above

Which of the following is a reason someone may want to own a credit card?
a) Allows people to buy things that they otherwise would not be able to afford.
b) Easy access to cash
c) Build your credit score
d) Both B and C

What does your credit score tell about you?
a) Your creditworthiness
b) Where you have been employed
c) How many assets you have
d) If you are a good person

Which of these is a not a type of a loan?
a) Credit Card
b) Mortgage
c) Debit Card
d) Financing a car

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