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What thinking skills do math and science teach you?
a) How to solve problems
b) How to check the weather
c) How to pay for a hamburger
d) How to write letters to your teacher

What is Netiquette?
a) Sending a nice email
b) Searching for jobs using specific keywords
c) Having good social skills
d) Acceptable rules of conduct used on the internet

Which of the following are 2 reading skills?
a) Previewing and Writing
b) Context clues and speaking
c) Previewing and Skimming
d) Writing and speaking

What happens when you listen?
a) Noone is talking
b) You recite what is heard
c) You use your brain to interpret what you hear
d) You fall asleep

What is one of the most important ways of sharing information?
a) Listening
b) Speaking
c) Texting
d) Email

Which of the 3 following basic skills are needed for the workplace?
a) Math, science, computer technology
b) Reading, math, typing
c) Counting, reading, writing
d) Keyboarding, math, science

Which of the following is NOT a good speaking habit?
a) Avoiding nonwords such as uh, like and um
b) Using correct pronunctiation
c) Connecting with your audience
d) Reading your notes with no eye contact

How much time is spent listening on the job?
a) 23%
b) 60%
c) 55%
d) 22%

Communication skills include:
a) Writing, math, science, learning
b) Speaking, listening, reading, writing
c) talking, hearing, writing, singing
d) singing, talking, reading, writing

What is the study of numbers and their relationships?
a) Mathematics
b) Keyboarding
c) Problem solving
d) Counting

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