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One of the functions of a political party is to help a candidate _______.
a) win an election
b) write a speech
c) get out the vote
d) give a speech

Both Democrats and Republicans show liberal and ___________ views.
a) conservative
b) open
c) noisy
d) party

Differences in political parties are shown in the way that they ______________.
a) Campaign
b) interact
c) advertise
d) give speeches

______________often introduce new ideas during political campaigns.
a) Third parties
b) Democrats
c) Republicans
d) Candidates

Publishing political cartoons is one role of the __________ in the political process.
a) media
b) speech writers
c) candidates
d) political workers

Due to rising campaign costs, candidates are forced to have _______________.
a) fundraisers
b) many speeches
c) many helpers
d) lots of free time

PAC means
a) Political Action Committee
b) a video game
c) a way to campaign
d) Politics in Action

There are ______________ as to how much money may be donated to a candidate.
a) limits
b) timelines
c) pacing guides
d) timing issues

To vote in Virginia, you must ____________.
a) be a resident of the precinct
b) be educated in voting rules
c) be registered for 10 years
d) want to vote regularly

One of the ways you can register to vote is at the _____________.
a) registrar's office
b) polling place
c) voting booth
d) campaign office

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