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Which layer is the oldest?
a) A
b) B
c) C
d) D

A dinosaur's preserved footprints are an example of a
a) petrified rock
b) shell
c) trace fossil
d) rock

Eras can be broken down into shorter periods of time called
a) Eons
b) Periods
c) years
d) months

Fossils that are preserved in amber, ice or tar pits are
a) trace fossils
b) coprolites
c) rock
d) original organisms

Relative dating is determined by
a) The exact age of a fossil
b) The fossil's location/depth in the Earth compared to index fossils
c) Carbon 14 dating
d) what continent it is found on

Evolution means
a) organisms die
b) organisms are new
c) organisms change over time
d) organisms never change

Which is the correct order of a fossil being made?
a) organism dies and is buried; the ground turns to rock and the organism decays;
b) a mold is formed and filled with minerals and sediments which form the fossil
c) volcanic eruptions
d) both 1 & 2

Intrusions and extrusions are always ________________ than the layers they go through.
a) younger
b) older
c) the same age
d) none of the above

Half-life is used in determing the
a) relative age of fossils
b) actual age of fossils
c) age of a human
d) clock time

Pangaea is the theory that
a) the ocean was once dry
b) there was no ice on Earth
c) All the continents were once a Super Continent with all the continents together
d) none of the above

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