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What would happen if the trachea did not have cartilaginous rings?
a) Food would pass through the trachea
b) Large particles would pass to the lungs
c) The trachea could collapse
d) Everything would be fine

Where does oxygen pass from the respiratory system to the circulatory system?
a) Bronchi
b) Alveoli
c) Trachea
d) Pharynx

What is the first blood vessel that the oxygen will pass to?
a) Aorta
b) Veins
c) Arteries
d) Capillaries

What would happen if the trachea did not have cilia?
a) Large particles would clog the bronchioles.
b) Large particles would clog the veins.
c) Carbon monoxide would clog the bronchioles.
d) The trachea would collapse.

Which of these structures performs a function other than oxygen transportation?
a) Bronchi
b) Bronchioles
c) Alveoli
d) Larynx

Which of these answers has the structures in order from largest to smallest?
a) Alveoli, Bronchus, Bronchioles, Trachea
b) Trachea, Bronchus, Bronchioles, Alveoli
c) Bronchus, Alveoli, Bronchioles, Trachea
d) Trachea, Bronchioles, Bronchus, Alveoli

Which of these organs helps the lungs inflate?
a) Larynx
b) Pharynx
c) Diaphragm
d) Bronchus

Which of these structures does NOT help filter air?
a) Bronchioles
b) Mouth
c) Nose
d) Trachea

Between which two structures does food exit the respiratory system?
a) Larynx and Trachea
b) Mouth and Pharynx
c) Pharynx and Larynx
d) Trachea and Bronchus

Which of these answers is FALSE regarding gas exchange?
a) Oxygen is exchanged for carbon dioxide.
b) The oxygen diffuses directly into veins.
c) The lung is the main organ of gas exchange.
d) The alveoli is the main structure where gas exchange takes place.

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