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Oil and gas discharge from autos and storm drains is a form of
a) urban runoff
b) agriculture
c) sedimentation
d) bacteria

SONAR is used to
a) measure water temperature
b) water depth
c) dissolved oxygen in water
d) pH levels in water

Which property os water is being tested if you drop solids in to it to see if they will float?
a) solubility
b) cohesion
c) polarity
d) density or buoyancy

Which best explains the importance of dissolved gses in the ocean?
a) to control pollution
b) help maintain constant salinity
c) help provide oxygen for aquatic animals
d) help maintain a constant temperature

A bioindicator is
a) a species that has a short life span
b) a species that has been introduced to an ecosystem
c) a species that can adapt to a variety of conditions
d) a species that depends on specific conditions to survive

How is the atmosphere a part of the hydrosphere?
a) It is a source of water
b) It traps pollutants
c) It contains the oxygen necessary for life on Earth.
d) It blocks ultraviolet rays from the sun

Which describes a nonpoint source of pollution?
a) oil in a stream next to a gas station
b) chemical spill in a river next to a factory
c) runoff from a road into a nearby stream
d) liquid fertilizer flowing from a barrell into a stream

Which statement best explains the reason some insects can walk across the surface of a lake?
a) Water is a polar molecule, and its adhesiveness causes good capillary action
b) Water is a non-polar molecule, and its adhesiveness causes high surface tension
c) Water is a polar molecule, and its cohesiveness causes high surface tension
d) Water is a non-polar molecule, and its cohesiveness causes good capillary action

Seasonal tourism can cause a shortage of the freshwater supply in some coastal areas. They then have to buy water from another source. What does this describe?
a) economic trade-off
b) environmental stewardship
c) point source pollution
d) excess nutrient input

Whis is a connection between an aquatic and terrestrial food web?
a) a turtle burying eggs
b) a bird laying eggs in a nest in a tree
c) a fish eating plankton in the ocean
d) a bear eating a fish in a river

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