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wave hight is measured from
a) crest to trough
b) trough to trough
c) crest to crest
d) stem to stern

A wave whose energy travels perpendicular to the movement of the wave
a) longitudinal
b) short
c) transverse
d) long

The kind of wave tht reqires a medium for tranfer is
a) electromagnetic
b) mechanical
c) photon
d) standing

A floating object experiencing a wave will move...
a) away from shore
b) left and right - in a straight line
c) toward shore
d) up and down - in a circular motion

another word for amplitude is
a) wavelength
b) loudness
c) speed
d) frequency

time reqired for one full wavelength to pass a point
a) period
b) speed
c) frequency
d) amplitude

what is the speed of a wave witha wavelength of 10m and a frequency of 100hz
a) 1m/s
b) 1000m/s
c) 100m/s
d) 10m/s

why is blue light more energetic than red?
a) it has a higher frequency
b) it has a longer wavelength
c) it has more speed
d) it is prettier

the speed of light is
a) 331 km/sec
b) 1 billion km/sec
c) 300,000 km/sec
d) how fast Chuck Norris can kick

sound would travel fastest in
a) air
b) liquid
c) solid
d) vaccuum

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