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To mock someone is to
a) argue with them
b) make fun of them
c) follow them
d) lead them

The opposite of contempt is
a) curiosity
b) happiness
c) surprise
d) admiration

To persist is to
a) bother someone
b) keep trying
c) sweat
d) act finicky

To entertain a child is to
a) keep him or her amused
b) teach him or her
c) carry him or her
d) talk to him or her

What is a glimpse?
a) a quick nap
b) a short trip
c) a small snack
d) a quick look

To attempt is to
a) fail
b) try
c) win
d) argue

To achieve a goal is to
a) set a goal
b) reach a goal
c) try to reach goal
d) cheer when a soccer player scores

I hope the cool weather persists. In this sentences persist means
a) stops after awhile
b) becomes warmer
c) stops right away
d) goes on and on

A sensitive person is
a) a talented artist
b) in poor health
c) quick to feel emotion
d) skilled at math

To recall a song is to
a) listen to it on the radio
b) sing it
c) like it very much
d) remember it

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