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You are on a boat in the middle of the ocean. Why are you unlikely to feel the affects of a tsunami?
a) short wavelengths and high waves
b) long wavelengths and low wave height
c) short wavelength and low wave heights

The density of ocean water is affected by:
a) salinity and temperature
b) depth and salinity
c) gasses and water

When comparing the other seven planets with Earth, Earth is unique because it:
a) rotates on an axis
b) has gas in its atmosphere
c) has liquid water on the surface

When air on land is warmer than air over an ocean, this produces which kind of breeze?
a) land
b) mountain
c) sea

Coral reefs may die during El Niño years because:
a) sea current speed increases
b) depth of thermocline decreases
c) upwelling of nutrients fails to take place

When the upwelling of nutrients fail to take place during El Niño years, it will:
a) kill coral reefs
b) create huge clouds
c) make it rain up in here

Which of the following rotates on its axis, has an orbiting moon and possesses liquid water on the surface?
a) Mars
b) Jupiter
c) Earth

Long wavelengths and low wave heights describe a:
a) tsunami wave before it hits the coast
b) tsunami wave at sea
c) the sound of thunder

The Prime Meridian divides:
a) Northern and Southern Hemisphere
b) Southern and Western Hemisphere
c) Eastern and Western Hemisphere

Nuclear Fusion is the source of energy for:
a) Earth
b) Sun
c) Moon

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