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Which geological process is most important in supporting the theory of evolution?
a) movement of glaciers
b) eruption of volcanoes
c) occurrence of earthquakes
d) formation of sedimentary rock

Which of these is MOST LIKELY caused the difference in fur color between polar bears and brown bears?
a) Polar bears ate less and lost fur color.
b) Brown bears ate food that caused their fur to be brown.
c) Brown bears benefited by growing thicker fur to keep them warm.
d) Polar bears benefited from lighter colored fur and passed it on to their offspring.

Which of the following statements best describes the process of evolution?
a) Populations can survive in different locations.
b) Populations grown when resources are available.
c) Conditions limit the number of species on Earth.
d) The characteristics of a species can change over time.

Which of the following is an example of natural selection?
a) bears moving into a new part of a forest over many generations
b) a tree growing towards sunlight
c) shrubs growing longer thorns over many generations
d) a plant growing between rocks

Which is a condition required for natural selection to occur in birds?
a) All organisms of the same species must have the same genetic material.
b) Resources must be unlimited in the natural environments.
c) Species must produce more offspring than can survive.
d) Humans must interfere with the breeding of organisms.

What idea did Darwin propose about why Galapagos Island finches beaks were different?
a) The beaks of the finches are adapted to the way the bird usually gets food.
b) Specific genetic mutations occur that make beak size change in response to random selection factors.
c) The different beaks of the finches would one day evolve into identical beaks.
d) Beak size is related to the size of the finch.

Which of these would be considered an adaptation of an animal that lives in the snowy tundra?
a) Webbed feet
b) Large, flat leaves
c) Green colored skin
d) A thick coat

Which of the following factors is necessary in order for natural selection to occur in a species?
a) genetic variation within a population
b) an abundance of food resources
c) a hospitable environment
d) a strong family structure

Modern horses developed their traits through natural selection. What occurs during the process of natural selection?
a) Organisms choose mates from other species.
b) Breeders cross organisms with desirable traits.
c) Only the fittest organisms survive and reproduce.
d) Organisms remain exactly the same over many generations.

Darwin stated that we could never watch natural selection in action. Why did Darwin believe this?
a) Natural selection occurs randomly, and it is unlikely that a human would be present when it occurs.
b) Natural selection occurs over so many generations, it is impossible to see changes occur.
c) Natural selection is an internal process that can not be outwardly observed.
d) Natural selection happens so quickly, it is difficult to see.

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