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light can be modeled as a
a) wave
b) particle
c) ray
d) all of the above

If a light is moved 3 times further from your eyes, it brightness
a) increases by 3
b) increases by 9
c) decreases by 3
d) decreases by 9

thes EMS waves allow us to feel warmth - pg 557
a) infrared
b) ultraviolet
c) gamma
d) microwave

color is a result of
a) a combination of different frequencies of light
b) the rflection of light from a surface to your eyes
c) a & b
d) neither

The law of reflection states that
a) all surfaces reflect light
b) the angle of incidence equals angle of reflection
c) every object reflects and absorbs some light
d) we can only see visible light

a representation of all the frequencies and wavelengths of light
a) radio waves
b) decibel level
c) electromagnetic spectrum
d) visible light

flat mirrors produce
a) smaller refections
b) virtual images
c) diffusion
d) real images

bending of light through a medium - creates mirages
a) refraction
b) reflection
c) interference
d) diffusion

the eye is this
a) a camera
b) a diverging lens
c) a converging lens
d) a prism

a change in the size of an image
a) amplification
b) refraction
c) interference
d) magnification

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