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Which statement BEST describes Untied States economic history during the period 1865 to 1900?
a) American industrial technology was hindered by the Civil War.
b) The lack of immigration tended to decrease industrial production.
c) Factories imported most of their raw materials.
d) Industrialization increased at a rapid rate.

What industry did John D. Rockefeller dominate?
a) Railroads
b) Oil
c) Steel
d) Banking

Which company was started by John D. Rockefeller?
a) Farming equipment
b) Union Pacific
c) Standard Oil
d) Kodak

What resulted from the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire?
a) All child labor became illegal
b) Imprisonment of labor union officials
c) Laws regulating safety in factories
d) The closing of garment factories

What type of business sells shares of their stock to investors?
a) socialist
b) monopolies
c) trusts
d) corporation

In what type of industry was Andrew Carnegie successful?
a) Steel
b) Petroleum
c) Plastics
d) Textiles

How did the development of the assembly line benefit the auto industry?
a) It led to the development of the airplane.
b) It allowed autos to be made more quickly.
c) It reduced the need for steel
d) It made building cars safer.

What industry benefited from the invention of the refrigerated railroad cars?
a) clothing
b) automobile
c) oil
d) meatpacking

What type of business sells shares of their stock to investors?
a) Corporation
b) trusts
c) monopolies
d) Socialist

Which of the following businessmen was the FIRST to use trusts centralize control of multistate businesses?
a) Andrew Carnegie
b) John D. Rockefeller
c) Thomas Edison
d) J.P Morgan

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