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What is the type of energy stored in the nucleus of an atom?
a) thermal
b) chemical
c) nuclear
d) sound

What do you call energy of light and other forms of radiation?
a) thermal
b) electromagnetic
c) nuclear
d) mechanical

During an energy transformation, energy is usually wasted in the form of
a) X-rays
b) microwaves
c) chemical energy
d) thermal energy (heat)

Energy used to overcome friction is usually transformed into
a) electromagnetic energy
b) microwaves
c) chemical energy
d) heat

A battery stores energy is the form of
a) chemical energy
b) nuclear energy
c) electromagnetic energy
d) mechanical energy

Which of the following objects has the most potential energy
a) A ball sitting on a table
b) A ball resting on the ground
c) A ball sitting on a mountaintop
d) A ball that's been thrown into the air

What do wind and moving water have in common?
a) They both have mechanical energy.
b) They both have chemical energy.
c) They both have light energy.
d) They both have nuclear energy.

According to the Conservation of Energy, energy cannot be
a) turned into thermal energy
b) changed from one form to another
c) transformed
d) created or destroyed

What is the name for the form of energy associated with objects that can be stretched or compressed?
a) Gravitational Potential Energy
b) Elastic Potential Energy
c) Average Kinetic Energy
d) Thermal Energy

What is the definition of energy?
a) Anything that radiates light or heat
b) Anything that travels in the form of a wave
c) Objects in motion
d) The ability to do work

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