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Part 1 Of Waves.[print questions]

Tis is caused by vibrations that carry energy through a medium?
a) power
b) sound
c) light
d) frequency

loudness is determined by:
a) frquency
b) pitch
c) resonance
d) intensity

Resonance is the effect that happens when:
a) an instrument is forced to vibrate at its natural frequency
b) a vibration occurs
c) sound penetrates an object to view it
d) Chuck Norris destroys the Earth with a sneeze

When you increase the frequency of a sound...
a) its volume increases
b) its wavelength increases
c) its pitch goes higher
d) it stops vibrating

Elephants hear in this range
a) infrasonic
b) ultrasonic
c) panasonic
d) sonic is a delicious place to eat

Standing waves are important in this instance
a) sound waves traveling
b) musical instruments rely on them
c) light waves traveling
d) humans only hear these

Sound waves are this type:
a) longitudinal
b) transverse
c) distorted
d) additive

When sound waves "appear" to change pitch as they approch and leave you:
a) resonance
b) hearing
c) inverse square law
d) doppler effect

vibrations pass through 3 regions of the ear - which senses vibrations
a) inner - cochlea
b) middle - drum, anvil, hammer
c) outer - pinna, canal
d) the whole ear does this

this is used to create images of the sea floor and the human interior
a) sonar
b) ultrasound
c) radar
d) balogna sandwiches

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