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The most extreme high and low tides occur when
a) the sun, Earth, and moon are at right angles to one another
b) there has been a heavy rainstorm
c) it is nighttime
d) the sun, Earth, and moon are lined up

Cheryl wanted to photograph a full moon on January 1, but the night was cloudy. When will be her next opportunity to take a picture of a full moon?
a) January 15
b) January 30
c) February 10
d) February 18

At which phase of the moon could a lunar eclipse occur?
a) Full moon
b) New Moon
c) First Quarter
d) Last Quarter

Which statement is most true about a solar eclipse?
a) A solar eclipse causes the entire daytime side of Earth to become dark.
b) Only part of Earth becomes totally dark during a solar eclipse.
c) A solar eclipse occurs when Earth is between the Moon and the Sun.
d) During a solar eclipse the side of the Earth facing away from the Sun receives sunlight.

In causing tides on Earth, the moon's gravity
a) has more effect than the sun's gravity
b) has less effect than the sun's gravity
c) is equal to the sun's gravity
d) has no significant effect

What is the name for the phase of the moon when more than half is lit?
a) new moon
b) crescent moon
c) gibbous moon
d) full moon

What is the name for the phase of the moon when the left half is lit?
a) First quarter
b) Waxing crescent
c) Last quarter
d) Waning gibbous

What is the amount of time it takes from high tide to low tide?
a) 24 hours
b) 12 hours
c) 6 1/4 hours
d) 29 1/2 hours

How much of the moon's bright side can you see during a new moon?
a) 0 percent
b) 10 percent
c) 50 percent
d) 100 percent

Place the following phases of the moon in the correct sequence: A) waxing crescent; B) Waning gibbous; C) Third quarter moon
a) A,B,C
b) A,C,B
c) C,A,B
d) B,C,A

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