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Belief in one all and powerful God
a) monotheism
b) polytheism
c) extratheism
d) unotheism

What is the main goal of Christianity
a) nirvana
b) reincarnation
c) heaven
d) hell

An eye for an eye is from
a) The Ten Commandments
b) Hammurabi's Code
c) The 12 Tables
d) Roman Law

Respect for one's parents is called
a) Honor
b) Loyalty
c) Chivalry
d) Filial Piety

There is no social mobility within this class structure
a) caste system
b) individual system
c) rich structure
d) poor structure

Torah and Diaspora are associated with this belief system
a) Christianity
b) Hinduism
c) Buddhism
d) Judaism

Who created the Hellenistic Civilization
a) Alexander the Powerful
b) Alexander the Great
c) Alexander the Hun
d) Alexander

What is the reason for city-states in Ancient Greece
a) Emporers
b) Government
c) Geography
d) Military

How did the introduction of agriculture affect early peoples
a) food production declined
b) birthrates decreased rapidly
c) civilizations developed
d) societies became nomadic

The caste system in India was characterized by
a) the right of people to chooose their occupations
b) equality between men and women
c) a lack of social mobility
d) toleration of various religious beliefs

Which factor most influenced a person's social position in early Indian society
a) education
b) individual achievement
c) birth
d) geographic location

Which statements most accurately describes how geography affected the growth of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia
a) River valleys provided rich soil for crops
b) Access to the Atlantic Oceans provided trade routes
c) Large deserts provided many mineral deposits
d) Large savanna areas provided protection

Which civilization first developed a civil service system, invented gunpowder and made porcelain
a) Roman
b) Chinese
c) Japanese
d) Aztec

The Pillars of Emporer Asoka and The Code of Hammurabi are most similar to the
a) Great Sphinx of the Egyptians
b) Twelve Tables of the Romans
c) map projections of the Mercator
d) ziggurats of Sumeria

During which period did the domestication of animals and the growing of crops first occur
a) Iron Age
b) Scientific Revolution
c) Old Stone Age
d) Neolithic Revolution

One similarity between the ancient civilizations of Egypt and China is that they developed
a) monotheistic belief systems
b) democratic governments
c) written forms of communication
d) nomadic lifestyles

What accomplishments are associated with the Gupta Empire
a) use of Sanskrit and the development of the concept of Zero
b) defeat of the Roman Empire and adoptian of Christianity
c) establishment of Pax Mongolia and founding of the Chinese dynasty
d) adoptian of democracy and construction of the Parthenon

Which geographic factor had a major influence on the development of both Egyptian and Babylonian civilizations
a) river valleys
b) mountains
c) cool temperatures
d) locations near a strait

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