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Four balls were all laid on a level table side by side. Which of the balls would have the greatest amount of inertia?
a) Ball A - 5kg
b) Ball B - 10kg
c) Ball C - 15kg
d) Ball D - 20kg

Ms. Lopes' class is playing tug-of-war against Mrs. Hernandez's class. Ms. Lopes' class exerts 120N of force. Mrs. Hernandez's class exerts 125N of force. What is the net force?
a) 0N; there is no motion
b) 5N; in the direction of Mrs. Hernandez's class
c) 5N; in the direction of Ms. Lopes class
d) None of the above

A race car driver complete a 250 mile race in about 2 hours. What was the driver's average speed?
a) 250 mph
b) 125 mph
c) 500 mph
d) 1.25 mph

A car accelerates from 25 m/s to 50 m/s over a time of 10 seconds. What is the average acceleration of the car?
a) 2.5 m/s
b) 25 m/s
c) 50 m/s
d) 5.0 m/s

William rode his bicycle 100 meters south in 20 seconds, and then went east another 100 meters in 20 seconds. Which of these terms can best be used to describe these changes?
a) Speed
b) Speed and Velocity
c) Velocity and Acceleration
d) Speed, Velocity, and Acceleration

Which of the following describes an object accelerating?
a) a ball sitting on the floor
b) a car moving at 30 miles per hour
c) a boy running 5 miles per hour south, then east
d) a bike moving backward at 2 miles per hour

A rocket that is propelled upward into space by gases pushing downward on Earth. Which of Newton's three laws does this describe?
a) Newton's First Law - Law of Inertia
b) Newton's Second Law - Force = Mass x Acceleration
c) Newton's Third Law - Action/Reaction
d) None fo the above

Newton's First Law is also called the Law of inertia. Which of these scenarios is best explained by this law?
a) A rocket that is propelled upward into space by gases pushing downward on earth.
b) Stopping a roller coaster cart suddenly thrust passengers into their seat belts
c) A TV was harder to move than a refrigerator because it had a smaller mass.
d) All of the above

Victor kicked a .4 kg soccer ball with a force of 8N, and Jose kicked a .2 kg soccer ball with a force of 4N. Whose ball had the greater acceleration?
a) Victor
b) Jose
c) Their accelerations were the same
d) None of the above

Which of the following is not an example of kinetic energy?
a) A book sitting on a table
b) An ant walking across the ground
c) A ball bouncing between basketball players
d) A car driving up a hill

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