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Which of the following describes an object that is positively charged?
a) It has more protons than neutrons.
b) It has more electrons than protons.
c) It has more protons than electrons.
d) It has more electrons than neutrons.

What property of a wire increases as the wire gets thinner?
a) resistance
b) voltage
c) current
d) its self esteem

Which of the following are good insulators?
a) gold and silver
b) wood and rubber
c) copper and aluminum
d) water and brass

A good conductor
a) does not allow electrons to flow freely
b) is a good insulator
c) leads the orchestra
d) allows electrons to flow freely

If a circuit is wired where if one bulb blows out, they ALL go out, the circuit is wired as
a) a parallel circuit
b) a series circuit
c) a lazy circuit
d) a useless circuit

If a circuit is open
a) the electricity will not flow through the circuit
b) the electricity will shock you
c) the electricity will flow through the circuit
d) you can't open a circuit

What type of charge makes a balloon stay on a wall after you rub it on your head?
a) magic
b) a complete circuit
c) static electricity
d) like charges

Which statement describes electric charges?
a) opposites attract
b) protons attract
c) electrons repel
d) neutrons attract and repel

Voltage is
a) the amount of potential energy an electron can gain
b) the amount of kinetic energy an electron can gain
c) the electric current
d) high

A battery converts
a) an electrical charge to a chemical charge
b) a chemical charge to an electric charge
c) an electrical charge to a static charge
d) voltage into static

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