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Patronage Motives involve shopping...
a) at only American Companies
b) at companies that continually meets your expectations and needs
c) during special events of the year
d) during American holidays such as 4th of July, Labor Day, and Veterans Day

The correct order of needs for Maslow's Hierarchy is as follows...
a) Safety, social need, survival, self-esteem, self actualization
b) Safety, survival, social need, self-esteem, self actualization
c) Survival, safety, social need, self-esteem, self actualization
d) Survival, safety, social need, self actualization, self-esteem

What is not considered a Rational Motive?
a) Quality
b) Price
c) Serviceability
d) Practicality

There were 3 types of motives mentioned in the text book under Chapter 4. Which one was not listed?
a) Patronage Motives
b) Emotional Motives
c) Rational Motives
d) Financial Motives is a website that sells what?
a) Sell gift items for dads
b) Sell traveling items
c) Sell URLs
d) Sell websites

The Organizational Structure identifies what in a company?
a) The Mission Statement of a company
b) What the organization is about
c) The Mission Statement and the Social Responsibility the company stands for
d) The duties and responsibilities of those in the company

The Control Division of a company is not responsible for what?
a) Account Receivable and Account Payable
b) Expenses and Consumer Credits related to the company
c) Planning and supervising the taking of perpetual and physical inventories
d) Quality control of all products

The following label is considered a marque brand name.
a) Coca Cola
b) Target
c) Walmart
d) Victoria Secret

A Centralized Organization is also called...
a) A Flag Ship Store
b) A Headquarter
c) The Main Warehouse
d) Where most of the stores are centrally located

Demographics does not include the study of...
a) Income and race
b) age and gender
c) employment status and occupation
d) Local features and inhabitants

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