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Where do Sea Monkies live?
a) In the ocean
b) Salt water and fresh water
c) In fresh water
d) On land

How do Bald Eagle's reproduce?
a) by eggs
b) with one life partner and by eggs
c) with many partners and by laying eggs
d) live young

What do Salmon eat?
a) Other aquatic animals
b) Crabs
c) Grass
d) Birds

What type of feet does a River Otter have?
a) clawed
b) webbed and clawed
c) webbed
d) paws

What color are Harbor Seals?
a) Black with light spots
b) Brown with spots
c) gray and brown fur with light spots
d) Gray

Where do Blue Herons lay their eggs
a) in nests high off the ground
b) in nests on the ground
c) in nests
d) in a pile of leaves

Mosquitos go through a 4 stage cycle. What order are the cycles in?
a) Larva, Egg, Pupa, Adult
b) Egg, Pupa, Larva, Adult
c) Pupa, Egg, Larva, Adult
d) Egg, Larva, Pupa, Adult

What do Shrimp eat?
a) Other shrimp
b) Other small aquatic animals
c) Plants off of the bottom of the ocean floor.
d) Plants

Where do Bass live?
a) Oceans
b) Rivers, Estuaries, Bays
c) River
d) Estuaries and Bays

How do clams live?
a) Alone
b) In groups
c) in clumps of two
d) Alone but in close distance of a group

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