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A tiny cell that can grow into a new plant (on non seed plants like mosses and ferns.)
a) seedling
b) embryo
c) spore
d) ovary

The colorful parts of flowers that attract birds and bees and surround the protect the parts of a flower that make seeds.
a) pistils
b) sepals
c) stamens
d) petals

A plant that makes seeds inside cones (they make seeds but do not have flowers).
a) seedling
b) mosses
c) monocot seed
d) conifer

Tiny grains that make seeds when combined with a flower's egg.
a) ovules
b) pollen
c) pistils
d) dust

The tiny part of a seed that can grow into a new plant.
a) embryo
b) ovary
c) monocot seed
d) pollen

The movement of pollen from a stamen to a pistil. classification germination pollination dicot seeds
a) communication
b) pollination
c) germination
d) regeneration

One of the leaf-like parts that protects a flower bud and is usually green.
a) pistil
b) stamen
c) sepal
d) petal

Thin, stem-like part of a flower with a knob at the top that produces pollen.
a) stamen
b) pollen
c) pistil
d) sepal

A seed that has one seed leaf and stored food outside the seed leaf.
a) seedling
b) dicot seed
c) sepal
d) monocot seed

Which sequence shows the life cycle of a plant in the correct order?
a) dormant seed, germinating seed, seedling, mature plant, dead plant
b) germinating seed, dormant seed, seedling, mature plant, dead plant
c) dormant seed, germinating seed, mature plant, seedling, dead plant
d) seedling, germinating seed, mature plant, dead plant, dormant seed

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