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Rational Motives
a) are determined by serviceability, quality, taste, and look
b) are determined by what makes sense
c) are determined by care, serviceability, name brand, and how fast the items arrive
d) are determined by price, care, serviceability, and practicality

Retail Trading Areas are...
a) Where stocks and bonds are sold and bought.
b) Areas inclusive of where the customers live and will drive to a particular area to shop.
c) Where you can trade in your belongings for something in exchange
d) Areas where stocks of companies are traded

CEO stands for...
a) Company Executive Officer
b) Company Executive Operation
c) Chief Executioner of Operation
d) Chief Executive Officer

Multi-Channel means...
a) selling through different types of medium for reaching customers
b) selling through more than one type of medium for reaching customers
c) different types of medium for reaching customers
d) different types of medium for watching television

What does Etailing stand for?
a) Internet Retailing
b) Electronic Purchasing
c) Internet Purchasing
d) Electronic Retailing

Fashion manufacturer's Outlets are...
a) used for branding purposes only
b) great for finding new fashion trends
c) stores like Target and Marshall
d) not usually located in Full Priced traditional malls

Marshalls is considered a
a) Warehouse Club
b) Discount Store
c) Off-Priced Operation
d) Manufacturer's Outlet

What type of store is Target?
a) Franchise Operations
b) Off-Price Merchant
c) Discount Operations
d) Specialty Store

What is a the original name for SPECIALTY STORES?
a) Limited-line stores
b) Limited inventory stores
c) Mini departments within a large department store
d) Specialty stores are a new concept within the last decade.

Maslow's Hierarchy does not list this as the 5 levels of needs...
a) Social Needs
b) Safety
c) Money
d) Self Actualization

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