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Which of the following best describes a demcracy?
a) Government which controls all aspects of people's lives
b) Government that provides for all needs of the people
c) Government by the people and for the people
d) Government owned and run by the wealthiest individuals

It is important to follow rules because they are designed to:
a) keep people out of jail
b) encourage everyone to do what he or she wants
c) force people into submission
d) establish and maintain order

What does the U.S. Constitution do?
a) declare the nation's independance from England
b) provide the structure for the federal government
c) organize state governments
d) establish a monarchy

Which of the following is NOT a basic purpose of the U.S. government?
a) providing food for everyone
b) maintaining order
c) promoting freedom
d) ensuring national security

Democratic governments exist to serve the needs and wants of:
a) the people
b) the government
c) the states
d) the leaders

Which of the following is a government service?
a) publishing textbooks
b) making movies
c) operating malls
d) establishing fire departments

Your city police department is run by which level of government?
a) federal
b) national
c) state
d) local

Which level of government has the greatest authority?
a) local
b) state
c) federal
d) volunteer

Which of the following is a function of the executive branch?
a) proposing bills
b) operating police departments
c) voting
d) hearing court cases

Which of the following statements is correct?
a) The executive branch interprets the law
b) The judicial branch enforces the laws
c) The legislative branch creates the law
d) The executive branch proposes the bills

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