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Watson, Crick and Wilkins won the Nobel Prize for discovering which of the following?
a) life on Mars
b) DNA
c) evolution

The transmission of most traits from one generation to the next describes which law?
a) Newton's Law
b) Mendel's Law
c) Einstein's Law

In a Punnett square, a dominant trait is expressed by:
a) numbers
b) capital letters
c) lower case letters

Which of the following is a phenotype?
a) black hair
b) Bb
c) BB

Who is considered the father of genetics?
a) Watson
b) Hooke
c) Mendel

The process of inbreeding produces animals that are genetically:
a) similar
b) opposite
c) identical

The finches found on the Galapagos Islands have different beaks. This is because:
a) they are really not finches
b) they had to adapt to the different environments
c) some are not as fashionable as others

Characteristics like hair and eye color are controlled by:
a) genes
b) muscles
c) temperature

Crossing a terrier dog with a sheep dog, which are genetically different but related species, is called:
a) inbreeding
b) hybridization
c) illegal

Which animal has 46 chromosomes in their body cells?
a) dogs
b) fruit flies
c) humans

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