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Genetically similar organisms are produced by:
a) inbreeding
b) evolution
c) photosynthesis

Darwin studied finches on the Galapagos Island even though the birds were from the same species. Why were the birds' beaks different on each island?
a) mating behaviors
b) size of the islands
c) adaptations due to the environment

Characteristics that are controlled by genes like hair color are:
a) inherited
b) caused by accidents
c) produced by diet

When two genetically different but related organisms are crossed, this is called:
a) magic
b) hybridization
c) inbreeding

A cell in the human body has how many chromosomes?
a) 14
b) 23
c) 46

The genetic makeup of an organism is called:
a) genotype
b) allele
c) phenotype

Eye color is a visible characteristic of an animal. This is called:
a) genotype
b) allele
c) phenotype

Scientists measure the age of fossils by which technique?
a) natural selection
b) guessing
c) radiocarbon dating

This is the process of change over time:
a) evolution
b) genetics
c) succession

What does a genotype symbol for a recessive trait look like?
a) lower case letters
b) capital letters
c) numbers

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