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What skeltal structure is located in the skull?
a) Sinus
b) Epiphysis
c) Diaphysis
d) Carpal

What is the function of an osteoblast?
a) To form new bone tissue
b) To fight infection
c) To produce erythrocytes and leukocytes
d) Protection

Where would you find metatarsals?
a) Above the knee
b) In the elbow
c) In the instep of the foot
d) At the bottom of the spinal column

A woman who is 50 years old has started to have mild symptoms of arthritis in her hips. How would her conditon be treated?
a) Bedrest and steroids
b) Arthroplasty
c) Aspirin and exercise
d) Immobilization with a splint

Bursitis usually affects the :
a) Long bones.
b) Joints.
c) Neck.
d) Feet.

What skeletal disorder is usually treated with physical therapy, traction or surgery?
a) Artrhritis.
b) Dislocation.
c) Herniated disc.
d) Osteoporosis.

Maria has kyphosis. What part of her vertebral column is out of normal alignment?
a) Thoracic
b) Lumbar
c) Coccyxgeal
d) Cervical

What bone disorder resulting from a loss of calcium and phosphorus is common among elderly females?
a) Scoliosis
b) Gout
c) Sprain
d) Osteoporosis

Leonard has a greenstick fracture. What can you assume about Leonard?
a) He twisted his leg skiing
b) He was hit in the head
c) He is a child
d) He has an increased chance of infection

Approximately 75% of the time, a first attack of gout affects the
a) Neck.
b) Big toe.
c) Long bones.
d) Wrist.

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