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The phenotype of an organism:
a) tells you the exact color
b) is represented only by symbols like Tt or TT
c) means it has good games

If a body cell of an ant has 20 chromosomes, how many chromosomes will be found in its gametes/sex cells?
a) 20
b) 5
c) 10

This classification group shows the greatest similarity among its members:
a) kingdom
b) species
c) phylum

The scientists who discovered DNA are:
a) Neal & Davis
b) Einstein & Darwin
c) Watson & Crick

Ants are able to adapt to new environments rapidly because of their:
a) wings
b) three body parts
c) short life span

The scientific name for a Golden Retriever is
a) kingdom/phylum
b) kingdom/species
c) genus/species

A group of identifal cows would be classified as a:
a) kingdom
b) phylum
c) species

What happens during the process of Meiosis?
a) number of chromosomes is cut in half
b) an organism grows a tail
c) population increases

The term
a) opposite
b) similar
c) old

Extinction happens when an organism:
a) has too many offspring
b) can not adapt to its environment
c) increases its population too quickly

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