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The bones function as levers in coordination with what other body system?
a) Circulatory
b) Digestive
c) Integumentary
d) Muscular

The skeletal system is responsible for the production of:
a) Adrenalin.
b) Red blood cells.
c) Vitamins A and D
d) Calcium

The tibia is an example of a/an:
a) Long bone.
b) Axial bone.
c) Flat bone.
d) Short bone.

Of the following bones, which would be MOST LIKELY contain red marrow?
a) Metacarpals
b) Sternum
c) Patella
d) Fibula

The vertabrae are part of the:
a) Pelvic girdle.
b) Shoulder girdle.
c) Axial skeleton.
d) Appendicular skeleton.

What does a newborn have that most adults do not have?
a) Foramina
b) Sutures
c) Sinuses
d) Fontanels

Where would you find the periosteum?
a) In the medullary cavity
b) Outside the bone
c) Inside the epiphyses
d) Outside the fontanel

What two bones articulate with each other?
a) Patella and ulna
b) Vertebrae and sternum
c) Metacarpals and phalanges
d) Carpals and humerus

What type of joint connects the parietal bones to the temporal bone?
a) Synovial
b) Diathrosis
c) Suture
d) Fontanel

What bone do you have the greatest number of in your body?
a) Femurs
b) Phalanges
c) Cranial bones
d) Scapulas

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