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What structure is proximal to the thigh?
a) Ankle
b) Foot
c) Knee
d) Calf

What cavity would a surgeon enter to repair a heart defect?
a) Dorsal
b) Pelvic
c) Abdominal
d) Thoracic

George has a cramp in the posterior part of his leg. Where is the cramp?
a) Ankle
b) Calf
c) Shin
d) Knee

If you are standing straight with your hands at your sides, where are your arms located in relation to your body?
a) Superior
b) Ventral
c) Lateral
d) Caudal

If a physician performs a pelvic exam, what organs can be evaluated?
a) Respiratory
b) Liver and gall bladder
c) Esophagus and stomach
d) Reproductive

An x-ray is labeled as a ventral view of the chest. This means the x-ray ws taken from the:
a) Front of the patient.
b) Right side of the patient.
c) Left side of the patient.
d) Back of the patient.

In order to see both eyes, you would need to be looking at the:
a) Caudal side of the frontal plane.
b) Inferior side of a medial plane,
c) Inferior side of the transverse plane.
d) Anterior side of the frontal plane.

What does the abbreviation RLQ represent?
a) Right lumbar quadrant
b) Radial lumbar quadrant
c) Right lower quadrant
d) Radial lateral quadrant

The gall bladder is located in what region of the body?
a) RUQ
b) RLQ
c) LUQ
d) LLQ

The point of origin for dividing the four quadrants of the abdomen is:
a) Spleen
b) Appendix
c) Naval
d) Stomach

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