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If the body were cut in a transverse plane, what origin would NOT be in the same half as the other three?
a) Brain
b) Bladder
c) Lungs
d) Heart

What body part is inferior to the chest?
a) Head
b) Neck
c) Heart
d) Hips

In veterinary medicine, what structure would be found in the caudal region of a dog?
a) Ears
b) Tail
c) Mouth
d) Paws

If you divided the body with a midsagittal plane and added up the number of eyes, arms and toes on one side, how many would you have?
a) 5
b) 7
c) 9
d) 12

What structures are located anterior to the cranial cavity?
a) Eyes
b) Ears
c) Lungs
d) Neck muscles

An autopsy photo shows the dorsal side of the victim. What could you see in the photograph?
a) Back of the head
b) Kidneys
c) Knees
d) Front of the abdomen

What body cavity contains the brain and spinal cord?
a) Cranial
b) Spinal
c) Dorsal
d) Ventral

Of the following, what structures are the MOST medial?
a) Ears
b) Hips
c) Eyes
d) Lips

What body parts are distal to the hand?
a) Fingers
b) Eyes
c) Ribs
d) Lungs

If a physician writes that the patient has RUQ pain, what might be causing it?
a) Head injury
b) Arthritis in the hip
c) Cracked rib
d) Dislocated shoulder

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